About the Journal

International Journal of Information Technology and Economic Development (IJITED) is a scholarly publication of the International Information Technology and Economic Development Association (IITEDA). The IJITED is a multidisciplinary Journal that covers the fundamental areas of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Economic Development in alignment with the UN’s sustainable development goals.

The congruence of the two fields (ICT and Economic development) has shown its theoretical and technological impact in different aspects of human and commercial sectors; ranging from IT industries and Case study projects to educational domain, Global Health and Socio-economic sustainability to the Government sectors, Professional Development and Policy Makers. In today’s emerging commerce and economic development, ICT has become a necessary factor to develop the several areas of productivity and sustainability of the underlying infrastructures and/or organizational plans across all sectors of the economy, linking the commercial industries and stakeholders with the global economy and ensuring competitiveness at large. In turn, the contemporary trends and state-of-the-art technologies contribute to the development of business, enterprise, and socio-economic opportunities for distribution of information, policy making, organizational management, education, and innovative ideas around the world.

In accordance with the academic significance and professional protocols, IJITED welcomes research articles, short communications, and work in progress in different disciplines covering the topics. Submitted articles must be the author's original work, which has not been published before nor is currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. IJITED also welcomes extended versions of conference proceedings (see below regarding conference articles). Articles covering topics that deal with human subjects or health-related topics must not contain any libelous or unlawful statements, be against ethical considerations, or in any way infringe the rights of others.